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Amboss Technologies, Inc. provides coordination tools, data, and insights for the Bitcoin Lightning Network. As the payment network has grown by 45% since the start of the year, Amboss has grown market share to serve over 36% of the global lightning network. Amboss helps make lightning nodes personal and marketable while providing an easy-to-use, low-risk marketplace for yield on bitcoin. Amboss is further developing enterprise data products for automated node operation, arbitrage, and insights.

We’re rapidly building a data company to help navigate the lightning network in a similar way to how Waze navigates its users to avoid traffic (liquidity) jams. Between public data and crowdsourced data, we’re putting together a suite of products targeted at enterprise customers that can take advantage of lightning native arbitrage opportunities as well as market research in the form of intuitive dashboards and APIs. This market is only going to get more interesting and immersive with Taproot Assets, which enables the lightning network to become a multi-asset rapid settlement network.


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