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Vexl is a mobile app that reimagines the way users buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC) by combining the best aspects of decentralized exchanges, social networks, marketplaces, and dating sites. Launched in 2022, our mission is to provide a simple, inclusive, secure, and private platform for peer-to-peer BTC transactions without the need for KYC procedures.

Our unique approach emphasizes community-driven trust and reputation. Vexl allows users to interact not only with their primary social network but also with their extended network of contacts, fostering trust and promoting positive behavior within the marketplace. This innovative system creates a more reliable and engaging community for all users.

At Vexl, we prioritize user privacy and control, ensuring that our users have full authority over their identity based on their preferences and threat model. We maintain a secure and private platform by not accessing any information about user activities or identities, which sets us apart from traditional platforms.

Experience the future of BTC buying and selling with Vexl, where community-driven trust, privacy, and user control come together to create an inclusive and empowering experience for all. Join us today and become part of a more connected and trustworthy BTC community.


Team Member


Marek Palatinus


Pavol Rusnák


Lea Petrášová

CEO & Co-founder

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