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SatoshiLabs is renowned as a pioneer of cryptocurrency security. As the creators of Trezor, the first Bitcoin hardware wallet in the world, SatoshiLabs made it possible for everyone to safely pursue financial independence through crypto. Created by hackers, what was once a small punk project has boomed into a global movement. With firm roots in the Czech Republic, their products are used around the world by consumers and businesses alike. Today, the SatoshiLabs holding company includes not only Trezor but also other companies such as Invity, Tropic Square, and Vexl.

SatoshiLabs’ mission is to make crypto technology a success among the general public, supporting decentralized money in order to increase independence and equality. People at SatoshiLabs work on more than just one product, creating tools which are defining a new industry. SatoshiLabs relies on open-source principles and transparency because they believe that it will help to bring the world of cryptocurrency, particularly bitcoin, to everyone faster.


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Marek Palatinus


Pavol Rusnák


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